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An old soldier’s call to arms...

Sir, – On September 3, 1914, war was declared between our homeland and Germany.

The call to arms went out and it was answered by all who wanted to defend their country.
In our small community, 1075 answered the call and 125 never returned, making the 
ultimate sacrifice on foreign
soil. I do not have the figures for the Second World War.
Over the years we have gathered on or around November 11 to hold an Armistice service to honour the fallen.
For many years now we have attened the Service of Remembrance at the Old Kirk and the War Memorial.

At the moment, we are not in possession of our British Legion branch standard or Queen’s 
Colours but we do have our Queen’s Colours from the first attempt to hold Legion meetings in Bo’ness.

We need someone to fashion a pole for these colours and someone to carry them.

The poppy collection has been excellent in our town for the past two or three years and I hope that this will be the case again this year.

We have to remember that our loved ones gave four years of their lives to protect us.

All we are asking is that you give us two hours on Remembrance Sunday to show that they are not forgotten.

There may be some changes to the Remembrance Sunday parade and service at the War Memorial this year and I will keep you informed of them.

All we can ask is that the weather is kind and that we have a good day. I look forward to seeing you all there and thank you for your support. – Yours etc.,


Jessfield Place, Bo’ness

Sad loss to community

Sir, – We write in reference to your recent article in the October 10 edition of your newspaper promoting the sale of the Bonsyde House Hotel.

Our letter to you represents the feelings of a good number of local people that frequented the Bonsyde Hotel for many years.

I have lived in the West Lothian area for over 40 years and personally know a great number of people who frequented the Bonsyde during that time, enjoying meals with family and friends, directing their visitors to use the available accommodation or simply going for a pint after work.

This was their local, where they were guaranteed to meet a friendly face, some local characters or even an old friend, in a safe and friendly environment. It was a community hub for locals, hotel residents, tourists and business people alike.

Over the years we have seen the Bonsyde change both ownership and name and with every new owner came new ideas and an injection of cash.

The hotel was well used and well regarded and was a local establishment that families, friends and visitors could enjoy.

Of course the very fact that the asking price is offers over £549,000, and without a penny being spent on the building nor its surrounding grounds, would also indicate a substantial profit could be made during a period where property prices have remained virtually static.

I understand business has been difficult for everyone and we have all witnessed or been influenced by the economic downturn in recent years.

So I feel if someone fails in their business, then fair play to them for giving a shot; however this situation seems entirely different and not in keeping with building the 
local economy and definitely not a positive approach to helping the local community.

We therefore feel, that this matter should be taken further and it is our intention to lodge an appeal with the local council raising an objection for any change of use. – Yours etc.



Return to Pounds, Shillings and Pence

Sir, – I could be persuaded to tolerate UKIP’s nuttier policies like withdrawing from the EU and might even turn a blind eye to Nigel Farage’s conspicuous consumption of real ale and cigarettes which gives regretable support to the evil alcohol and tobacco industries, if UKIP made it a pre-condition of any coalition that we dump metric measurement in favour of the traditional Imperial system and return £SD to our pockets and tills. Adopting these policies would greatly increase UKIP’s support amongst pensioners like myself. - Yours etc.,


7 Spey Terrace, Edinburgh

Beating the budget blues

Sir, –West Lothian Council is to be congratulated in admitting that there will be a £30.4 million deficit and asking the public for suggestions.

It was recently reported that Mehmet Erdem was fined £933 for dropping his cigarette butt and refusing to pick it up.

Littering attracts a fine of £60.

Have you ever counted the discarded butts outside each of the many pubs in town?

At least 500 a pub = £30,000.

Council enforcement officers outside pubs in the evenings would eliminate this deficit within a few months.

And that is before dogs’ dirt (another £60) and cycling on the pavement (£500) is factored in. – Yours etc.,

Clark Cross

138 Springfield Road

Linlithgow EH49 7JT