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Still time to halt ‘‘Corus’ development

Sir, – Through its role in the Forth Bridges Forum and its active role in applying to UNESCO for World Heritage Site status to the Forth Bridge, the City of Edinburgh Council has committed itself to “promote the bridges spanning the Forth as a unique tourist destination”.

They “aspire to make a Scottish icon into a global one” by “stimulating progressive changes to the infra-structure of local communities to ensure tourism is effectively managed and sustainable”.

Since these words first appeared in public, the same City of Edinburgh Council has made two major planning decisions regarding the future of South Queensferry.

The first was to approve the latest Local Development plan for the area (LDP2) which sanctions the building of houses in every green space remaining in the enclave that is South Queensferry with not the slightest increase in public parking space for cars and coaches.

The second was to give planning consent late in 2014 for the construction of 120+ dwellings on the so-called “Corus site” on the south bank of the River Forth.

I appeal to readers to bombard the relevant ministers: Nicola Sturgeon (, Alex Neil ( and Fergus Ewing ( to step in and halt the development of the “Corus site” immediately.

Failure by the Government to stop this crass piece of “planning” and even perhaps to order a public inquiry into just what is going on in Edinburgh City Chambers will forever shame them all. – Yours etc.,

Peter FitzGerald,

Echline Farmhouse,

Builyeon Road,


Seed capital for allotments

Sir, – On behalf of the Linlithgow and District Allotments Society I’d like to thank the very many local residents who took advantage of our seed potato day last weekend.

Thanks also to the local businesses who displayed posters and to Sainsbury’s for supplying cardboard boxes.

This has become a successful annual venture raising much-needed funds for our community allotments site at Oakwell, currently going towards the installation of a new rabbit-proof fence.

The Masonic Hall was buzzing with people buying seed potatoes and swapping tips on different varieties and how best to grow them.

Also very popular were the stalls of Burgh Beautiful, selling packets of seeds, and Transition Linlithgow with information about their EH49 food co-op launch and about local energy initiatives. – Yours etc.,

Sarah Mattingly

LADAS chairwoman

The real meaning of austerity

Sir, – SNP accusing others of austerity.

That’s the best case of the ‘pot calling the kettle black’ I have seen in ages!

If we were independent, given the fall in oil price, it would be austerity Scotland with a vengence!

How dare they! – Yours etc.,

William Ballantine,


How green are vehicles really?

Sir, – The Journal and Gazette reported that the two dedicated electric car parking spaces were “not a waste of time” whereas I had said they were (January 16).

Then “name and address supplied” asked “did the writer sit in the car park all day and every day” observing. (January 23)

The answer is so simple; information was disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act.

The two recharging points were installed on March 31, 2014, at a cost of £9905 and were only used on 12 occasions and the electricity was supplied free.

Guaranteed parking spaces at others expense? Electric vehicles are 80 per cent more expensive than petrol/diesel cars so only the public sector, or rich posers boasting “green credentials” can afford them.

Grants are available (from our taxes) for 25 per cent of the cost of a car up to a maximum of £5000.

The electric motor requires rare earth metals from China and mining for these metals has caused toxic and radioactive pollution and health problems. How green is that?

The Linlithgow Gazette also said “fossil fuels need to be kept in the ground”.

There are 2300 coal-plants worldwide and sufficient reserves for 109 years.

Even “green” Germany is building “dirty” coal-plants.

Developing countries need the cheap energy provided by fossil fuels to get them out of poverty.

Would the Journal and Gazette deny them this opportunity? – Yours etc.,

Clark Cross,

138 Springfield Road,


Families facing up to separation

Sadly this time of year sees a rise in people seeking help from family solicitors to divorce or separate.

We want as many parents as possible to know about the help available from the family Ddecision-making service.

Our help is confidential and free of charge. Visit or call 08000 28 22 33. – Yours etc.,

Alan Forgie,

Family Decision Making.

Fundraising success story

Sir, – Everyone at Beating Bowel Cancer would like to thank all those who took part in or supported our Decembeard fundraising campaign last month.

We are delighted to announce that we have reached our target of £250,000, which will help us to support people with bowel cancer and their families and to raise awareness of the disease, its symptoms and the need for early diagnosis.

The aim of the campaign, which asks men to ditch their razors and grow a beard throughout December, is to break down the stigma of talking about bowel cancer, which is the UK’s second biggest cancer killer. Over a hundred people are diagnosed with bowel cancer every day, yet over 90% of cases can be treated successfully if caught early. So it’s vital that people become more aware of the symptoms so they can act quickly.

Decembeard is a fun way for individuals or teams to raise funds and help to increase awareness of the disease. It’s easy to do and thousands signed up for it this year. We’d like to thank every one of them for their support.

If anyone has any queries or concerns about bowel cancer, there’s lots of information and advice on our website or they can call our Nurse Helpline on 020 8973 0011. –Yours etc,

Mark Flannagan

Beating Bowel Cancer

Harlequin House

7 High Street