From our postbag of June 8, 2012


Old comrades

Sir, – If I say ‘H.M.S.Collingwood’, many of your readers will show an interest.

Commissioned in January 1940 when things were getting tough in World War II, Hitler was to have claimed to have sunk it four times over the next few years.

However H.M.S.Collingwood is a massive Shore Training Establishment, and still going strong.

Many of your readers are amongst the thousands of people who served there at some time or other - electricians, seamen, cooks, Wrens, writers, stewards, radio and radar mechanics, stores branch etc.

There is now an Association standing by to reunite them with their old shipmates, as hundreds of others have found out. Start the ball rolling by contacting me. – Yours etc.,


7 Heath Road, Sandown PO36 8PG

Parking is problem

Sir, – In your issue of the Journal and Gazette, (June 1), Clark Cross referred to rogue cyclists in the High Street and his desire to have them “banged up” or at least receive a heavy fine.

I regret to say that he is completely missing the point. Cycling along the High Street is very stressful for the less confident cyclist and not a pleasant experience for the more confident.

The sole reason for this is the extent and frequency of illegal vehicular parking.

This illegal parking is a common feature of the High Street and forces the cyclist into the path of vehicles which themselves often ignore the 20mph speed limit.

This has been drawn to the attention of Lothian and Borders police who say they are powerless to control the problem. Indeed we have monitored illegal parking and have provided evidence to no avail.

We cannot condone cycling on the footpath but we can understand why the less confident cyclist does it.

If West Lothian Council were more innovative with the management of pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles in the High Street, and the police more rigorous with controlling illegal parking, all users would benefit.

So Mr Cross, before you campaign to have errant cyclists heavily fined, I suggest you analyse the problem more carefully and campaign to have the High Street better managed and policed. – Yours etc.,


Linlithgow Cycle Action Group

Manuel Stables, Linlithgow

Fair plea

Sir, – A few weeks ago the front page of the Bo’ness Journal was dedicated to Barbara Ann Hogarth – one of my best friends, who suffered a stroke last June.

Barbara Ann, her mum and myself have spent hours trying to write a list of everyone who we need to invite to view Carla’s outfits at her forthcoming dress showing.

As well as family and friends, Barbara Ann wants to ask everyone who has shown her support and kindness and sent love and good wishes since her stroke and even though we have sent out almost 400 invitations Barbara Ann feels sure there are people who we have missed.

I would like to extend a very warm Bo’ness welcome to anyone who wishes to view Carla’s, Kirking of the Queen and Fair Day dresses, to please join us in Kinneil Bowling Club on Saturday, June 23, from 1pm onwards. – Yours etc.,


Brewlands Avenue, Bo’ness

Bikers singled out

Sir, – Re Queensferry residents complaining about bikers disrespecting the monument for the bridge workers, yes it is a disgrace and wrong but I never hear about them complaining about the fairground when they block the front, drop oil, fuel and rubbish and pollute the air, etc, and park anywhere so why are bikers different? – Yours etc.,

VICKI JONES by email