From our postbag this week


Thank you

Sir,– I would like to thank most sincerely all my relatives, friends, neighbours in the Preston area, 
Linlithgow and workers at SKY for their most generous donations for breast cancer research.

I collected the massive sum of £325 and Professor Mike Dixon at the Breast Unit, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh, has asked me to add his very grateful thanks for such a worthy cause.

He is absolutely delighted with the excellent response I have had. Thank you one and all. – Yours etc.,


Preston Crescent, Linlithgow

Lathallan tip stinks

Sir, - Would the air pollution from the new shopping centre overpower the stench that we already have from the dump at Lathallan.

Or does nobody smell this in the centre of Linlithgow? - Yours etc.,


Linlithgow Bridge

Burghmuir fears

Sir, – I note with interest concerns about air pollution in Linlithgow if the Burghmuir development were given planning permission.

What about surface water?
Would there be flooding on the M9, Blackness Road and Kingsfield or Champany?

Who is to say this increase in rainfall will not be a feature of our weather more frequently?

A considerable amount of 
cultivated land would be lost. At the 
moment this absorbs the water 

Trees and hedges which help to combat pollution would go.

Bees which are vital for 
pollination of crops and fruit are in sharp decline.

I believe bees need flight paths to reach new areas.

All these important topics need consideration as a wide area could be affected indirectly by the 
Burghmuir project. - Yours etc.,



Book research

Sir, - I live on the former RAF West Beckham Chain Home Radar 
Station in Norfolk and am planning on writing a book about this historic 
site and its famous wartime 
commanding officer.

I am currently trying to track down anyone who served here on a quest for more memories, photos and documents, and am happy to share all I have with anyone else. - Yours etc.,


Green Acres, Osier Lane,

West Beckham,

Holt, Norfolk, NR25 6PL

Take ownership

Sir, - As a big fan of the great 
outdoors, I am passionate about keeping Scotland beautiful.

We all must take ownership of our stunning countryside, fantastic coastline, urban spaces and beautiful wildlife. I am urging the nation to sign up to get involved outdoors in Scotland with CSV Action Earth.

I am encouraging people to play their part and get involved in planting trees and flowers to boost bird and bee numbers, clean up their 
local community or reclaim empty or derelict spaces.

CSV Action Earth gives out grants of up to £500, thanks to the support of Scottish Natural Heritage.

This will allow individuals, groups and organisations to volunteer together to improve their local environment. Last year, volunteers improved 230,035 square metres of land, planted 1493 trees and built 335 homes for birds.

As an ambassador of the Scottish Wildlife Trust, I know how enjoyable and inspiring our surroundings can be. So why not take the initiative and make a positive contribution to your local environment? Sign up now to CSV Action Earth 2012 by visiting or call 0131 222 9083.– Yours etc.,


CSV Action Earth Supporter