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Flooding solution

Sir, – In his letter (Journal and Gazette, January 4), Lawrence J Stewart expresses his concern and questions the viability of draining the site of the proposed Burghmuir development without flooding the M9 to the north or the current housing to the south.

It seems strange, if not a little naive, that someone with his engineering pedigree has chosen to ignore the obvious and most cost effective option. i.e a ‘gravity’ drainage system running to the west with an outfall to Linlithgow Loch.

This low cost solution will provide a bone dry site ideal for the the proposed development. – Yours etc.,



Falkirk Road, Linlithgow

OAP shopper’s plea

Sir, - I am 86 years old and I got the South Queensferry (service 23) bus to Tesco (in Linithgow). Coming back the local Blue bus pulled up and I thought ‘how am I going to manage three steps?’

It was very difficult. The other local bus had been no problem with just one step. I wasn’t the only one. Other people had heavy shopping bags and the aisles were so narrow, people found it difficult to get through. It was a nightmare. I will never be able to take that local bus again.

How many other old people will be the same? Please can we have our decent local bus back?

If we could have a Costcutter shop on the High Street, maybe where the Clydesdale Bank is, somewhere we can walk to to get groceries. Is it too much to ask for?


12 Brae Court, Linlithgow

Burghmuir pros

Sir, – The vigour of the arguments against the Burghmuir Development appears to be draining away faster than the floodwater from the recent heavy rainfall, judging by Mr. Leonard’s and Mr Stewart’s contributions to the recent letters page.

A belated Christmas present would see this development approved and provide the economic stimulus and additional housing that the town really does need.

Much as West Lothian Council love to get themselves bogged down in retail impact assessments, I optimistically hope they have the collective resolution for 2013 is to get on and do it. – Yours etc.,

Bob Martin

by email

And cons....

Sir, – I write to give vehement support to Laurence J. Stewart (Talking Point, January 4).

In my childhood, we are talking about 70 years ago, the Burghmuir fields were repeatedly inundated with water.

To build houses on the area in the ‘Readers’ picture of the week’ is inviting future grief. – Yours etc.,

Tam Dalyell

House of the Binns, Linlithgow

Stroke of fortune

Sir, – As a long-time supporter of the Stroke Association, I’m calling on your readers to nominate someone who’s been affected by stroke for the charity’s Life After Stroke Awards.

I’ve been personally affected myself and was in danger of having a stroke following a brain aneurysm in 2006. A stroke happens in an instant but its effects last a lifetime. The Stroke Association is doing great work supporting people affected by stroke and celebrating life after stroke.

The closing date is March 2 and to get more information visit – Yours etc.,

Karen Brady

Life After Stroke Awards Patron

Links House, Edinburgh EH6 7EZ