Fury as rescue plan is rejected

Donaldson's School
Donaldson's School

Parents of children at Donaldson’s Nursery in Linlithgow are furious that a rescue plan submitted to the board of governors has been rejected out of hand.

We reported several weeks ago that Donaldson’s School was planning to shut its 
nursery due to mounting financial losses.

Distraught parents then set up a campaign group to save the facility and submitted proposals to operate as a community nursery, which they felt was a financially 
viable proposal.

The board of governors at the school have declined to permit them the time needed to make an application to the Care Inspectorate for the 
required licence.

Fiona Pashley, a parent who had been part of a 
campaign to save the nursery, said: “Donaldson’s is an 
outstanding nursery which has never had proper 
financial management.

“My eldest son started at the nursery over three years ago, and we have never 
had regular bills from the school.

“Having new board 
members in charge has made no difference. It’s no wonder that the nursery runs at a loss when it doesn’t send out bills properly.

‘‘It is so sad that five jobs are being lost and children are 
being taken away from an environment where they are happy and settled and none of it needs to happen.”