Game on for John

290113 Mastermind competitior John savage.
290113 Mastermind competitior John savage.

MANY a football fan will claim to have an encyclopaedic knowledge of their favourite team. Lifelong Hoops supporter John Savage has put his to the ultimate test, going under the spotlight in the Mastermind hotseat!

John (52), originally from Bo’ness and a former St Mary’s Primary School pupil, features on the BBC2 primetime show on Friday, February 15, at 8pm.

The history of Celtic FC has never been a contestant’s specialist subject before, and viewers will see John being grilled by quiz host John Humphrys.

Filmed at Media City in Salford last September, he also faces the general knowledge round.

But viewers will have to tune in to find out how the ex Fair Day herald fares, and if he has the chance to progress in the series and answer questions on his other chosen subjects, the Third Reich and 1970s UK chart music.

John, married to Lynne (43), and dad of Andrew (14), lived in Bo’ness for over three decades – where many of his relatives are still based – before moving to Polmont.

He had been encouraged to enter for years, and took the plunge round about last March, after getting a ‘decent score’ when playing on the Mastermind website.

Impressing in a general knowledge test over the phone, he was then through to a BBC studio audition in Edinburgh, before getting the invitation to Salford.

“I went down with the attitude, I’ve got this far, let’s see how it goes, if I win, I win, if I don’t, at least I’ve done it,” he said.

John, who works in internal sales at Scott Direct in Grangemouth, didn’t feel under undue pressure, adding: “I just treated it as a big adventure.”

Books and DVDs may all have been part of his Mastermind specialist preparation, but the modest chap reckons there isn’t a particular secret to being a quiz king.

“Obviously you do have to have a decent grasp of your core subject, but it’s luck of the draw as well.”