Games role for Bosom Buds founder

Mags Fenwick, founder of charity Bosom Buds of Scotland
Mags Fenwick, founder of charity Bosom Buds of Scotland

The founder of a West Lothian cancer charity will carry the Commonwealth Games Queen’s baton as it comes through Linlithgow on June 15.

Mags Parsons-Fenwick of Pilgrims Hill will carry the baton from Mains Road to Ashley Hall Gardens.

She was nominated for the role by Michael Smith who runs exercise classes for people with cancer for Mags’ charity, Bosom Buds.

Mags (59) told the Journal and Gazette: ‘‘It’s an honour and a privilege to be invited to carry the baton through a small part of its journey to Glasgow.

‘‘Ideally, it would have been my daugthers, Kate and Jenny, who would
 have carried it but I’m absolutely stunned to be asked.’’

Mags formed Bosom Buds after Kate (28) was diagnosed with breast cancer around five years ago.

It is not a medical charity but it offers other forms of aid to people diagnosed with cancer such as coping strategies, exercise, mastectomy bras and other vital forms of support.

Since its formation Bosom Buds has raised around £200,000 to supports its aims and ambitions in west Lothian.

‘‘I’m thrilled to get the chance to carry the baton in the town where I live.

“Many others don’t get that chance in their own community,’’ said Mags.