German technology is key to App success

The Antonine Guard
The Antonine Guard

Visitors to the Antonine Wall will have the chance to interact with it in a whole new way – thanks to the introduction of a cutting-edge app from Germany.

A collaboration between Historic Scotland and partner bodies in Germany will see an interactive app developed by April 2016.

It will use state of the art technology to help visitors explore the World Heritage Site.

Development of the Antonine Wall app has only been made possible by the donation of data from the Bavarian Savings Bank and the Bavarian State Conservation Service which created a similar app allowing visitors to access information on the Roman frontier.

Councillor Adrian Mahoney, Falkirk Council’s spokesman for culture, leisure and tourism, said: “This international partnership to develop an app for the Antonine Wall is warmly welcomed.

“The Roman frontier is one of just five World Heritage Sites in Scotland.

“I know people are keen to know much more about the Wall and the Roman occupation of the central belt.

“Hopefully the new app will increase public understanding about the wall and its impact on the area.

“I look forward to it being launched next year.”

Historic Scotland is utilising the technology designed for the app as the platform on which to base their Antonine Wall version.

The purpose of both is to demonstrate to visitors what the frontier sites would have looked like.

The Antonine Wall app will draw on laser scanning work along with new scans and inter-active 3D models of museum artefacts taken from the wall to give visitors a better idea of how points of interest would have looked.

Content will be commissioned and developed by Historic Scotland and the five local authorities along the wall – East Dunbartonshire, Falkirk, Glasgow City, North Lanarkshire and West Dunbartonshire Councils.

The intention is to work with local museums to scan artefacts from the wall in order to create an accurate representation of what life was like, which visitors will be able to experience first-hand.

Barbara Cummins, director of heritage management at Historic Scotland, said: “We are grateful to our colleagues in Germany for generously allowing us to use the technology they have developed and look forward to further collaboration in the future.”