Get down and dirty for kids

Russell Dalgleish
Russell Dalgleish

A Linlithgow man and his son are planning to undergo a 
gruelling ordeal for charity.

The pair will be swimming in icy water after diving in from a 20m height, crawling through 40m pipes and then they’ll be electrocuted.

The assault course will be erected at Dalkeith Country Estate which will be given over for a Tough Mudder event.

“It sounds a bit crazy but I thought it would be a good idea to do this on the approach to my 50th birthday,” said Russell Dalgleish.

“I’ve roped in my son Scott to make up a team and we’re aiming to raise £5000 for the Yorkhill Children charity. We’ve raised £1600 so far but I’m confident we’ll beat our target.”

The two can be seen in training around Linlithgow Loch and running up and down the steep embankment at Linlithgow Palalce.

“It’ll be a fun venture, if we survive it,” said Russell. “But we’re not taking it lightly.

“We’ve been working with Derek Thomson of Phoenix Personal Trainers and I’m in the best shape now that I’ve ever been in my life.

“We’ve got four weeks to go before the assault course and I’m about to start ‘training’ for the iced water swim by filling up a bath with ice and lying in it for 15 minutes.

“As for the electrocution element, I’m just not thinking about that.

“It sounds mad, I know, but it beats having to fly to Kenya to climb up a mountain.”

Russell says possibly the worst ordeal on the course will be running 14 miles through thick nettles and fighting off swarms of midgies, but at least it’s for a good cause.