Get ready for Party at the Palace 2015

SUN SHINE: The sun shon on Party at the Palace - at least on the Saturday.
SUN SHINE: The sun shon on Party at the Palace - at least on the Saturday.

The Journal and Gazette sat down with one of the Party at the Palace promoters, John Richardson, to evaluate the success of the event.

In the run-up to last weekend’s pop spectacular we received complaints about reduced ticket prices and special offers and afterwards about queues for the bar, lack of food choice, and an inability to take your own food onto the site.

These were some of the points raised with Mr Richardson in our discussion.

Responding to the 
numerous complaints on social media sites after 
organisers started offering two-for-one and other cut-price ticket deals, he said: “Unfortunately a commercial decision had to be taken as ticket sales slowed down.

‘‘It’s not a decision we took easily or lightly but, in order to try and balance the books, we had no option.”

Half-price tickets will be offered to those who purchased early for next year’s event and, even if ticket sales are discounted next year, 
nobody buying early will be penalised for doing so.

John was upbeat on the liklihood of Party at the Palace 2015 going ahead.

He said: “We didn’t make any money this year, in fact we made a loss - a five figure sum - but that’s not going to stop us running it again. It was a fantastic weekend, we had huge crowds, over 12,000 turned up, and they had a ball.’’

There were queues of people waiting over two hours for service at the bar on Saturday, causing some bad feeling however the organisers had resolved these bySunday.

John told us: “Belhaven Managed Division was contracted to provide the bar via the Four Marys and the Old Post Office. Unfortunately the promised 30 bar staff didn’t materialise on the Saturday and I was forced to draft in 
extra people from as far afield as Paisley.’’

The difficulties in allowing ‘pass-outs’ and food to be brought onto the site was not of their making, according to organisers.

Police Scotland had advised that the access route into the site was insufficient to allow traffic in both directions and, as part of the licence issued by the council, no food was permitted to be brought in as one of the conditions.

John asked that we make a mention of the huge assistance provided by the 4th West Lothian Scout Group who undertook clean-up duties.