Glittering day for Linlithgow’s Queen Ruby

220613 Linlithgow gala day.
220613 Linlithgow gala day.
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The glitz and glamour of 
Linlithgow and Linlithgow Bridge Gala Day took to the streets last Saturday.

Ruby Hudson of Preston Court was crowned Queen for the year in what was hailed a “wonderful day” for the town.

The crowner, Linlithgow’s own Anne Corr, couldn’t praise the day enough.

She said: “I had an absolutely wonderful day. Queen Ruby was amazing and very regal.

“The children played their parts very well, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I was made to feel like royalty all day. It was such a lovely day for my husband Raymond and myself.” She added: “It is a lot of hard work for a small committee with the stage and the procession, and everybody looked wonderful, so I am delighted it was such a successful day.”

Those who watched the procession praised it for its colour and length, and a great day was had by all.