Goggle vision at Linlithgow leisure centre

when one Linlithgow mum realised her kids had left their goggles at the swimming pool she didn’t imagine any problem getting them back.

But on phoning the Linlithgow Leisure Centre, Marie Law was shocked to find they had been thrown out on health and safety grounds.

Marie (43) of Mains Road, was getting her son Kinloch (5) ready for his swimming lesson on Sunday, February 27 when she realised that goggles belonging to him, her daughter Anne (9) and husband Simon were missing.

They had been left in the shower area earlier that week.

Marie said: “I rang Linlithgow to be told that due to health and safety all goggles are thrown away. I thought this was a joke but it’s in case anyone who did not claim ther own goggles contracted an eye infection.

“I think this would be more to do with the cleanliness of the facility than a pair of goggles and the PH control of the water. Or is it just a ploy in the hope that you will buy more goggles to bump up sales figures?”

Marie, herself a swimming teacher in West Lothian, believes this stance is inconsistent with West Lothian Leisure policy.

She said: “At other facilities goggles are handed in, logged and stored for a set period. I have taught swimming and worked in pools for almost 30 years, as well as swimming competitively, yet have never heard of getting eye infections from goggles.”

Marie contacted West Lothian Leisure with her complaint in March but said she had not receive any answers.

But after the Journal and Gazette contacted West Lothian Leisure, the company said the goggles policy would be reviewed.

Robin Strang, general manager at West Lothian Leisure, said: “Normally we keep items of lost property for three weeks. Our policy is not explicit about goggles and there is some discretion for managers as some things are unsuitable to sit for three weeks, for example a wet towel.

“We need to review our policy with items such as goggles. It is unfortunate in this case that the goggles were thrown out. We will contact the person concerned and they may well get some new sets of goggles.”