Going Forth...

Overhead pic of southern side of new Forth Crossing
Overhead pic of southern side of new Forth Crossing
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Excellent progress is being made on the construction of the new Forth Crossing.

The mild spring and summer has allowed work being carried out on schedule with more or less little or no delays.

The bridge’s towers are now clearly visible as they continue to rise out of the Forth while works at Queensferry have seen the bridge’s decks begin to move out towards the Forth. The next stage in the building process will see the bridge decks being attached to the central towers around September. The first deck sections will not be supported by cables and will be hoisted up by a floating crane and positioned around the towers.

In Queensferry, the A904, Queensferry to Bo’ness Road, has been re-configured once again as works continue to create the Queensferry Junction, the huge gyratory (roundabout) which will allow traffic both on to and off the new crossing.

Speaking of the construction progress, Minister for Transport, Keith Brown said: “Queensferry Crossing’s main towers are reaching further up from the Forth, with both the north and centre towers now at deck level and the south tower at 48 metres and on schedule to be at deck level during the summer.

“At present the main work on the north and centre tower is to prepare the ‘power joint’. This is a heavily reinforced and complex section of the tower at which the first sections of deck will be attached in the months ahead. While the first sections of deck are being placed the towers will continue to be built towards full height.

“On the shores of the Forth, the north approach viaduct is gearing up for construction of the viaduct to begin early next year. On the south, four out of seven support piers are complete and the west viaduct has been pushed nearly 300 metres with the east viaduct due to be pushed out to the same point this month.

“Work on the Queensferry junction is entering the final phases of construction ahead of expected opening later this summer and a range of work is well underway on the north connecting road networks in preparation for the upgrade to the Ferrytoll junction.”