Gordon’s drive for Independence

BO'NESS. Gordon Boyle, taxi driver offering free ride to polling booth for Yes voters.
BO'NESS. Gordon Boyle, taxi driver offering free ride to polling booth for Yes voters.
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A one man taxi business is doing his bit for independence – offering free lifts to Yes voters going to polling stations on September 18!

Only a wee Yes sticker on his eight-seater minibus would give you any clue that Gordon Doyle is an SNP supporter.

But he told the Journal and Gazette that he has been a supporter of independence for about 40 years.

Gordon said: “Now that I have my own taxi business, I can do what I like and I am hoping to help those who don’t have any transport to get to a polling station. “I hope this will be seen as a bit of community spirit. It’s not all about money, after all.”

Although he is based in Bo’ness, Gordon is offering a lift to voters in Bo’ness and Linlithgow; contact him on 01506 264242.

YES Bo’ness volunteer Michael Vance is also offering his tartan-clad VW campervan to take voters to the polls in real Scottish style.

Michael usually hires the vehicle out for people to enjoy on their holidays.

But on Thursday he will be running voters and volunteers around Bo’ness to ensure that they are all where they should be at the right time.

Michael is a died in the wool YES campaigner who has been involved with the movement from the very start.

Taxi drivers are well known for having strong views on matters of importance but recent polls have shown that the view on independence is fairly evenly split.

The TNS-BMRB poll on September 4 showed the NO camp leading by 39 per cent to the YES camp’s 38 per cent and the Don’t Knows at 23 per cent.

Professor John Curtice, Professor of Politics at Glasgow University, wrote on the What Scotland Thinks blog that TNS said it is now a dead heat.

The YouGov poll on September 5 showed YES in the lead at 47 per cent with NO trailing at 45 per cent and Don’t Knows at 7 per cent.

Professor Curtice said it was the third increase in a row for the Yes campaign.