Gourmet meals for man’s best friend

Kevin Ross of Linlithgow had an idea - albeit not what one might expect to see on Dragon’s Den - or is it?

Saturday, 16th May 2015, 9:49 am
Kevin Ross of Growling Tums serves up Edinburgh whippet Pax some of the new range of gourmet dog food

Growling Tums provides gourmet meals using the very best of ingredients to ensure a healthy and balanced diet - for dogs!

Entrepeneur Kevin, saw an opening in the market for specialised meals using human quality ingredients, which it is claimed is better for the dogs as rates of intolerance to glutens, wheat and dairy climb.

The company pride themselves on producing specialised foods for dogs who have various health conditions including allergies.

Kevin, the vision behind Growling Tums, said: “Our foods are designed to help dogs stay healthy and happy with a balanced diet at the same price as lower quality foods.”

This new gourmet range includes salmon and trout with asparagus and sweet potato, pork and apple with sweet potato, turkey and cranberry with sweet potato and lamb and mint with sweet potato and peas.

These have been designed to complement the existing selection of duck and potato, chicken and rice, salmon and potato and lamb and rice.

Research showed that there was a gap in the market for a high quality grain free dog food that uses all natural ingredients which Kevin exploited setting up his new brand last year.

All Growling Tums products are hypoallergenic; natural and without artificial ingredients or additives, and are created using quality British farm produce.

Many of Growling Tums customers have commented on the benefits of the natural diet and that their dogs have “better digestive systems, healthier skin, a shinier coat and bundles of energy.”

One customer said: “from first bite, Dexter enjoyed the salmon and potato and he continues to thrive on it.

“It’s also made a huge difference to the tear stains around his eyes with none of the weeping that he’d experienced with the last dog food he’d tried.”

Natural dog food diets can be expensive.

Growling Tums only sell directly through their own website keeping prices to a minimum and their products are generally 20 per cent less than comparable natural dog food brands.

Kevin told the Journal and Gazette: “Diets can be tailor-made to suit small dogs, large dogs, dogs who need to lose weight, others who may have quite serious health conditions like pancreatitis or colitis and a good diet is key to a healthy pet.”