Green lane ‘no go’ zone

The bus lane on Kirklands Park Street in Kirkliston.
The bus lane on Kirklands Park Street in Kirkliston.

Steps are to be taken to ensure that motorists will no longer get caught out by a bus lane camera in Kirkliston.

The camera, which is situated on Kirklands Park Street and Eilston Road, has caught hundreds of motorists since it was installed in August 2013.

In fact, it is the city council’s busiest bus lane camera after Calder Road with 3000 drivers being caught in the first 10 months of operation.

The camera was installed to stop up a rat run as motorists try to avoid the village’s busy Crossroads junction.

But despite measures such as road narrowing and signage, motorists still try to take the shortcut between Stirling Road and the B800.

Now, after a raft of complaints from residents to Almond Ward Councillor Norman Work, new measures are to be taken to ensure that motorists are aware it is a bus lane - the road will be resurfaced with a green paint top surface!

Councillor Work said: ‘‘I have received loads of complaints from local residents over the implementation of this bus lane camera and that includes many from people who live near to the camera.

‘‘But, if it were not there, the road would be used as a rat run.’’

Councillor Work added: ‘‘The camera is not there to make money but to stop cars taking a short cut through a residential development.

‘‘Those being caught say they were not aware it was a bus lane but with the 
council painting the road 
surface green it should hopefully ring alarm bells with all motorists who use this route in the future.’’