Grey skies can’t spoil Ellie’s day

Queen Ellie had an appointment with a hairdresser at 6am on Friday morning and tumbled into bed shortly after 9pm following a full-on 15-hour day.

But she dug in and smiled through the early morning nerves to emerge calm and prepared for the coronation in the Glebe Park.

And from there on it was plain sailing through the marathon procession around the town an unfortunate hiatus caused by the cancellation of the Command Performance and the evening reception in the town hall.

Said Ellie: ‘‘It was a day made up of great memories.

‘‘I was nervous when I got up but by the time I was in the car and on the way to school I was okay. I really enjoyed the coronation as well.’’

Mum Hannah said: ‘‘I thought everything went really well but Ellie was so nervous first thing in the morning.

‘‘However, she was able to relax and enjoy her big day.’’

She added: ‘‘It was great that the event was being streamed live on the internet for the first time as it allowed relatives in Canada to watch the coronation as it happened.

‘‘I’ve seen the footage and enjoyed it too!

‘‘It was quite exciting watching it from the camera which was positioned above the throne and it was also a thrill to be up on the balcony and watching all of those thousands of people cramming into the park just to see the coronation.’’

The Fair queen receives gifts from a number of sources including well-wishers.

Said Hannah: ‘‘There have been many, many gifts and good wishes from well-wishers in Bo’ness as well as presentations from Margaret and Len Ainslie and the fair committee. I’d like to thank everyone.’’