Gridlock feared as flats work continues

This could be a familiar site on the High Street in the next few weeks.
This could be a familiar site on the High Street in the next few weeks.

Fears are rife that road works on Linlithgow High Street connected to the McCarthy and Stone development will cause traffic chaos this summer.

The builders who are developing the former bus depot site into luxury flats require to make connections to the foul and surface water sewer 

They have proposed two possible alternatives for the work which it is hoped can take place between a quieter period of local events after the jousting tournament but 
before Party at the Palace.

The contractor hopes to take advantage of the lighter evenings to work through to 7pm with weekend working being investigated with 
environmental health bosses.

It is hopeful that a number of residents will 
also be on holiday during this 
period of essential work.

Option one allows the work to be done in two distinct phases and minimises disruption on the High Street.

The east/west phase (phase 1) can be completed by closing the west leg of The Cross with no impact on traffic travelling on the High Street. The south/ north crossing (phase 2) can be completed under traffic lights. Each phase would take approximately two to two and a half weeks to complete.

Access to Kirkgate can still be achieved using the east leg of The Cross.

However it is not certain at this stage that this option will be available as the presence of existing underground services may prohibit this.

Option two is thought to be the less palatable of both.

While the overall duration of the works will be slightly 
reduced there will be a requirement for traffic control signals on the High Street for almost the full duration of the works, leading to greater disruption for the traffic flow.

A West Lothian Council spokesman said: “We have a duty to co-ordinate roadworks and are working with the 
developer to find a suitable time period for these works to be undertaken.

“As with any similar works, we will be asking the developer to minimise disruption and to ensure that sufficient advance notice is given.”