Group could help Bo’ness unemployed

Unemployed people in Bo'ness could be helped
Unemployed people in Bo'ness could be helped

A group is looking to set up an association for unemployed people in Bo’ness in a bid to support them and help get them back into work.

A proposal is in the making to form a voluntary unemployed workers association in the town for anyone interested in joining together to discuss a range of issues on a regular basis.

It’s the brainchild of the Bo’ness Unemployed Task Group which includes people who have been attending a local voluntary job club.

The idea is to organise meetings to discuss the difficulties unemployed people face such as surviving on a benefits income.

Issues to discuss include: dealing with agencies; problems and complications in getting benefits sorted out; the expense of public transport when on a tight budget; and negative attitudes to unemployed people leading to inaccurate stereotyping.

The group’s Ronnie Vaughan said: “This is just at the discussion stage. At the job club, as well as looking for jobs, we discuss the issues, exchange tips and help each other.

“We want to take it a step further by setting up our own organisation so that we can make our own voice be heard and be able to speak to agencies and give them our point of view about what we need.

“The association we are considering setting up would be independent and led by unemployed people elected by the members as office-bearers.”

For more information contact Ronnie on 07783498487 or e-mail