Hardworking Bo'ness pupils praised

The school year was rounded of at Bo'ness Academy with the hard work of pupils being celebrated at the prizegiving.

Thursday, 14th July 2016, 9:20 am
Updated Thursday, 14th July 2016, 10:22 am
Boness Academy prize giving, Senior Dux and Junior Dux. Jane Thomson; Dr Ken Thomson, Principal Forth Valley College; Millie Webster, Senior Dux; James Bradford, Junior Dux and Steve Dougan, head teacher.

Headteacher Steve Dougan said it was an honour and a privilege to be at the helm of such a fantastic school and thanked the support from his staff but most importantly the pupils for being the best they can be.

One pupil who achieved a lot in her fifth year was the dux for 2016 Millie Webster. The 17-year-old has now finished with the Academy and leaves with four A’s in history, biology, German and computing and a B in English which she achieved in her fifth year. She is awaiting results from her sixth year where she took history, French and music.

Millie, who has been in the school show every year of her Academy career and had a starring role in this year’s production of Les Miserable, is taking a year out from studying to decide what she wants to do before applying for university.

Proud mum Gillian said: “Millie put in a lot of hard work studying which as clearly paid off.

“I think she knew she had done well in her exams but never thought she would be the dux.

“It was a bit of a shock but a nice surprise.”

S1 Certificate of Merit

Jamie Beaumont, Erin Beecroft, Corinne Bernard, Annie Mae Brown, Isla Cadman, Abbie Graham, Amber Johnston, Abby Keeble, Lauren Kinnaird, Jaime Lang, Amber Lee, Eve Legge, Carra Lesslie, Lauren Meek, Alix Miller-Watt, Chloe Minal, Emily Mulholland, Naomi Nair, Olivia Pattison, Haiden Ramage, Luke Smith, Alfie Spence, Ross Walker, Amy Watson and Abby Williamson

The Cuthell Award 
for Endeavour

Sarah Monaghan

S2 Certificate of Merit

Wes Ajmal, Sophie Bradford, Jack Brady, Molly Brodie, Naomi Cordiner, Alison Dalgleish, Logan Flowers, Ben Gourlay, Aidan Kellock, Robbie Love, Alastair Lyall, Ellie Marshall, Mhairi Maudsley, Kimberley McIntosh, Rachael McIntosh, Ewan Preston, Daniele Shanks, Natalie Simpson, Matthew Speirs, Erin Stevenson, Hayleigh Templeton, Kara Thomson and Louise Wilson

The Joint Cuthell Award for Endeavour

Michelle Baillie

S3 Certificate of Merit

Kerri Baldwin, Paul Barlow, Ewan Baxter, Cameron Bissett, Robyn Brown, Fern Christie, Lauren Clemenson, Caroline Cook, Rosie Hardie, Mai Lee, Zoe Leith, Fay Livingstone, Chloe MacDonald, Ellie Marsters, Daniel Meikle, Orla Meikle, Amy Robertson, Emma Robertson, Aidan Sherdley, Aimee Sloan, Daniel Velkov and Neave Williams

The Cuthell Award for 

Alistair Brown

S4 Certificate of Merit

Neave Feeney, Ewan Grant, Carla Hogarth, Maisie Horn, Olivia Keane, Alistair McKerrow, Rhys Struthers, Ellis Woodand Caitlin Wright

S4 Subject Prizes

David Holden (Prize for Nat 5 Administration and IT), Nathan Calder and Louise Liley (Bo’ness and Linlithgow Probus Club Joint Prize for Business Management), Louise Lilley (Prize for Nat 5 French), Nathan Calder (Prize for Higher Art and Design), Chloe Whyte (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Cochrane Prize for Nat 5 English, Prize for Nat 5 Modern Studies), Gemma Bell (Class ‘98 Certificate of Merit Prize for Nat 5 History), Andrew Clark (Prize for Nat 5 Graphic Communication), Kieran Mullen (Prize for Nat 4 Practical Woodworking), Kaitlyn Spence (Prize for Nat 5 Design and Manufacture), Jodi Howlet (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Prize for Nat 5 Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies), Emma Fraser (Prize for Nat 5 Physical Education), Matthew Lyle (Prize for Nat 4 Spanish), Sandra Sunny (Braid Prize for Nat 5 German), Alana Morrel (Prize for Nat 5 Travel and Tourism), Lewis Ireland (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Prize for Nat 5 Music Performing, Prize for Nat 5 Music Technology), Erin Harrison and Esme Weir (Joint Syngenta Prize for Nat 5 Geography), Andrew Wright (Class 98’ Certificate of Merit, Prize for Nat 5 Biology), Euan Aitken (Class ‘98 Certificate of Merit, Prize for Nat 5 Computing Science, Arnold Prize for Nat 5 Mathematcs), James Todd (Class 98’ Certificate of Merit, Murdoch Prize for Nat 5 Physics) and Reagan Anderson (Class 98’ Certificate of Merit, Prize for Nat 5 Drama)

S5 Certificate of Merit

Aliyah Ajmal, Holly Fleming, Taylor Henderson, Bethaney Howes, David Mitchell, Rowan Petrie, Rachel Reid, Qaila Sarwar, Hannah Torley, Rebecca Townsend and Anna Walker

S5 Subject Prizes

Hannah McNairney (Prize for Nat 5 Administration and IT), Drew Martin (Prize for Nat 5 Travel and Tourism), Charlotte Reid (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Arnold Prize for Nat 5 Mathematics, Prize for Higher Music Performing), Euan Archibald (Prize for Nat 5 Chemistry,Arnold Prize for Higher Mathematics), Rebecca Kennedy (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Braid Prize for Higher German, Prize for Higher Photography, Prize for Higher Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies), Jonathan Horn (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Prize for Higher Computing Science), Ashley Blair and James Bradford (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Joint Prize for Higher Chemistry), James Bradford (Murdoch Prize for Higher Physics, Cochrane Prize for High English), Erin Meikle (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Prize for Higher French), Linzi McGookie (Bo’ness and Linlithgow Probus Club Prize for Higher Business Management), Grant Watson (Prize for Higher Design and Manufacture), Chloe Johnston (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Prize for Higher Modern Studies), Julia Speirs (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Prize for Higher Biology, Prize for Higher Art and Design, Prize for Higher Graphic Communication), Alice Watt (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Syngenta Prize for Higher Geography)

S6 Certificate of Merit

Adam Aitken, Rebecca McFarlane, Anna Miller and Carla Reid

S6 Subject Prizes

Megan Sherdley (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Prize for Nat 5 Spanish), Freya Anderson (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Prize for Higher Drama), Millie Webster and Ellis Alexander (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Joint Prize for Higher History), Ellis Alexander (Cochrane Prize for Advanced Higher English), Kayleigh Ivanov (Class ’98 Certificate of Merit, Prize for Higher Art and Design), Alix Johnston (Prize for Higher Photography), Iain Parkinson (P and DA Aitken Prize for Higher Music Technology), Leah Ireland (Prize for Advanced Higher Graphic Communication, Prize for Advanced Higher Design and Manufacture), Robert Lyall (Arnold Prize for Advanced Higher Mathematics), Abbie McCallum (Prize for Higher Physical Education, P and DA Aitken Prize for Advanced Higher Music Performing, Murdoch Prize for Advanced Higher Physics)

Special Awards

Ruairidh Oswald and Erin Beecroft (McInnes Trophy for Attendance), Ben O’Neill (Beatrice Sloggie Bequest for the Winner of the Creative Writing Competition in S3), Mark Forrest (Kevin D Smith Prize for Work Experience), Kayleigh Ivanov (The Falkirk Football Club Award for Outstanding Sporting Achievement), Adam Aitken and Millie Webster (Sylvia Dow Joint Prize for Improvement in Performing Arts), Joe Rooney and Abby Keeble (Foley S1 Food and Drink Challenge Award), Advanced Team: Fraser Preston, Aliyah Ajmal, Erin Meikle and Grant Watson (Young technologists Competition), Intermediate Team: Amy Brown, Orla Meikle, Ciara McBride and Fern Christie (Young technologists Competition), Charlie Argent, Rebecca Cornerand Claire McComisky (Young Enterprise Forth Valley Finals for Pine and Twine), Fraser Preston (Young Enterprise Forth Valley Finals Outstanding Achiever Award), Natasha Duffy (Forth Valley College Scots Programme Award for STEM), Alastair Lyall and Cameron Campbell (Maths Challenge Kangaroo Award), Robert Scotland (Bo’ness Academy Award for Sporting Leadership), Abby Williamson and Lauren Meek (Forth Valley Junior Dance Competition. Winners: Just Dance with “Animal Kingdom”), David Mitchell (Parent Council Citizenship Award), Ben Alexander (Grant Award for Industry and Perseverance), Neave Melville (Isobel Moore Prize for Progress), Chloe Harvey (David and Jean Brown Quaich for Service to the Community), Rebecca Kennedy (Apostolic Church Shield for Outstanding Effort in Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies), Jemma Brown (Arnold Bell Prize for High Academic Achievement), Anna Miller (Janis and Walter Williamson Prize for Leadership), Abbie McCallum (Sky Sports Student of the Year), Abbie McCallum (John Strain Memorial Award for Contribution to the School)

Junior Dux

James Bradford

Senior Dux

Millie Webster