Have you seen this pretty Polly?

Readers help requested in search for lost Rosella parrot.
Readers help requested in search for lost Rosella parrot.

Reader Alistair Old needs your help to find his missing parrot.

Jack, a Rosella parrot, was found to be missing from his aviary on Sunday morning and has since been seen in the Jock’s Hill Crescent/Longcroft Gardens area of Linlithgow.

But he has proved difficult to tempt down from the trees.

Said Alistair, of Philip Avenue: ‘‘I found the double doors to my aviary open on Sunday morning and Jack had flown the coop!’’ Jack is around 12 inches long from beak to tail and very brightly coloured, as our picture shows.

Alistair said Jack would be elusive as he was not hand-reared and would probably stay up in the trees, although he may be tempted to visit bird tables in local gardens.

‘‘His unusual ‘‘whistle’’ is unlike any other bird call you may hear,” added Alistair. “Parrots don’t tend to travel very far so he should still be in the Linlithgow area.

‘‘We’ve had him for around seven years and would like to get him back if possible.

‘‘Rosellas are hardy and he lives outside in the cold so he is capable of surviving in the Scottish climate. Perhaps readers could look out for him visiting their bird tables?’’

Contact Alistair on 01506 845663 if you make a sighting.