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Licencees warned to act in time or face losing licence
Licencees warned to act in time or face losing licence

Personal licence holders who sell alcohol may find themselves out on a limb if they fail to renew on time.

West Lothian Council has reported that there are 280 personal licence holders whose licences were issued on September 1, 2009, which will expire on December 1.

If refresher training certificates are not supplied to the council’s licencing team by the expiry date, holders may well lose their licence.

If the licence is revoked, under current legislation individuals will not be able to re-apply for five years.

While the Scottish Government is currently considering removing this five year time bar, it is unlikely that any such changes will be made in time for this licence period, with any new legislative changes not expected to be made until next autumn.

By law, the licensing board must revoke the licence of a personal licence holder who does not (regardless of any reasons for this) sit and pass refresher training within five years of the date of issue of their licence and send the licensing board a copy of their training certificate within three months of the end of the five year period from date of issue.

If licence holders have their refresher training certificate, they must also remember to send a copy of it to the West Lothian licencing team with their personal licence for updating otherwise their licence will be revoked.

Further details including where to send copy training certificates can be found on the council’s website at

Copy training certificates can be emailed to