Fruits of the Vine extend to African lake

Vine Trust Ship
Vine Trust Ship

A charity which started from a tiny second hand shop now provides healthcare to thousands of the world’s poorest people every year.

And Vine Trust chairman Albert Bogle is keen not to forget the charity’s humble beginnings.

Albert, minister at St Andrews Church, said: “The Vine Trust formed out of the Branches shop in 1995 and now has two ships providing health care in the Amazon.”

The charity’s latest project has seen a ship sail from the Clyde to Mombassa. There the 265 tonne, 100 foot ship has been dismantled and will now continue its journey to Mwanza in Tanzania by road. Once it reaches its destination, the ship will be docked on Lake Victoria, where it will serve 100,000 people each year.

Albert added: “We really want to say a huge thank you to the ladies who open the shop day in, day out, and to the customers. You would be hard pushed to go around Scotland and find another wee shop which is now part of an organisation taking medical treatment to people across the world.

‘‘That’s what’s exciting about this charity, it really belongs to this community, and I can’t emphasise the importance of that enough.”