Hypnobirthing can become the new normal says teacher

A midwife has left the maternity ward behind and is trying to get mums-to-be on board with the hypnobirthing technique.

Linlithgow mum, Victoria Schofield (35), set up her own business after the challenges of shifts and commuting to Edinburgh were too much with four children under the age of four.

Pre-natal classes for mums and dads-to-be run through a variety of techniques involved with hypnobirthing which aim to make the mind and body work together during labour.

She said: “It doesn’t guarantee the perfect birth, nothing does. But it can help you visualise your birth as being normal and relaxed.”

Visualisation scripts and positive affirmations train the mind and body to work in conjunction with each other and helps the mother to stay in as much control as possible.

She said: “Theres a script about an orchard and lemon trees that I was using with a couple the other day. The woman said she could actually taste the lemons and I could see her licking her lips.”

Victoria said at first some of the dads can be a bit skeptical but after a couple of sessions, they look forward to getting into the zone and practising their techniques.

The course costs £350 and consists of four sessions which aim to prepare the mum-to-be and birthing partner for the best possible labour.

Victoria spent most of her career as a midwife working in busy maternity wards in London, which is where she first learned about hypnobirthing but she has never used the technique herself .

“I was quite amazed when I first saw it. I almost wish I could have another child just to try it!”

She is a member of the hypnobirthing assiciation which updates teacher’s training regularly.

Visit www.kghypnobirthingwestlothian.com