IN PICTURES: Pedal for Scotland in the burgh

Saboteurs scattered metal tacks on the road in a bid to disrupt Scotland’s biggest charity cycling event.

Police are investigating following reports of tacks being placed on the Pedal for Scotland route in Whitecross and Linlithgow last Sunday.

Over 7000 people cycled from Glasgow to Edinburgh to raise money for charity in the event’s 19th year.

No cyclists were injured but around 50 to 60 bikes suffered punctures.Inquiries into the circumstances are ongoing.

Cycling Scotland condemned the “idiotic” behaviour, a spokesperson said: “Nearly 8000 people had a fantastic time cycling with Pedal for Scotland.

“Friends, families and colleagues were raising money for charities close to their hearts and there was enthusiastic support from spectators in most towns and villages along the route.

“We regret that the action of an idiotic individual or group of people has caused problems for events participants and risked serious injury to people.”

Motorists and residents faced disruption with a number of roads closed for most of the day while the event was on.

On the Journal and Gazette Facebook Page dozens of residents denounced the individual or group behind the tacks incident although did understand the frustration of residents who had to put with the disruption.