Libraries and health centres supply batteries for hearing aid users

WLC depute provost Dave King with Terry Milligan
WLC depute provost Dave King with Terry Milligan

A new service for people with NHS hearing aids has been launched in West Lothian, giving quick and easy access to much-needed batteries.

Hearing aid users will now be able to pick up replacement batteries at most libraries in West Lothian, as well as a number of health centres.

Depute Provost Dave King launched the scheme this week at East Calder Library.

Councillor King said: “This fantastic new service will be delivered in communities across West Lothian.

“I’m sure that it will be welcomed as it will reduce the need for people to travel to have their hearing aid batteries replaced.

“The council will continue to work with the NHS and other partners to expand the ways that hearing aids are distributed to make them ever more accessible in the future.

“It is also hoped that people who don’t usually visit their local library will discover more about the wide range of services and activities which are on offer.”

Staff can provide a three month supply of batteries free of charge: users must take the yellow audiology book with them to verify entitlement.

Batteries for NHS hearing aids are available at Linlithgow Library and Linlithgow Health Centre – the latter only between 11 am and noon.

Staff will not be able to fit the batteries. However, anyone who needs help should contact the NHS audiology department on 0131 536 4160.

A spokesman for NHS Forth Valley said: “We are always looking at ways in which our services can be accessed by the public.

“Working in partnership with West Lothian Council is merely one way in which we can do this very effectively.”