Weight loss scheme gets thumbs up

nurse and patient
nurse and patient

Big successes in weight management for patients with diabetes have been reported by community dieticians in NHS Forth Valley.

A pilot project has seen individual patients shed up to three stones, blood glucose levels dramatically reduced, and in some cases a reduction in prescribed drugs.

Anne Clarke, NHS Forth Valley’s community dietitcian and project leader, said: “We are very encouraged by the results. Our patients have told us that this programme has completely changed their lives and increased their confidence.

‘‘We have also been able to reduce the amount of drugs some patients are taking and this has helped to improve their wellbeing.

‘‘The dieticians believe the secret of their success is supporting people for up to a year after the first tranche of weight loss. They say the biggest problems patients experience is keeping weight off.’’

The weight loss programme, Counterweight Plus, available on the NHS, is aimed at people with a BMI greater than 40 and a study claimed it offers a safer, more cost-effective remedy than gastric band surgery.