Helen beats Bogart

Muay Thai boxer Helen wilson.
Muay Thai boxer Helen wilson.

Scottish champion Muay Thai kickboxer Helen Wilson of Linlithgow took on double UK champion, Jacqui Bogart, at a fight night in Leeds and won by a unanimous decision.

The former air hostess, who took up the sport seven years ago before moving to fighting competitively three years ago, has wowed judges in the UK with her natural ability.

Helen now fights in the B category, having moved recently from the lower grade C class.

Fighters in B class are not permitted to use any move involving elbows to the face or head while A class fighters have a ‘free-for-all’ and can use knees, elbows and feet to any part of the body.

Helen said: “I got involved with the sport after visiting the gym with my brother Tom.

‘‘I was hooked and immediately knew that this was not just going to be a sport for me but a new career.

‘‘I gave up my job as an air hostess with Thomas Cook and started to train professionally.”

Helen, who trains six days a week for five hours per day, found her dedication paid off at her biggest fight so far, against double UK champion Jacqui Bogart who sits fourth in the UK Muay Thai federation bantamweight category.

She showed her competitor the ropes on more than one occasion before coming away with a unanimous decision on her win.