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AN APPEAL has gone out to public-spirited people in Queensferry to come forward and help maintain the town’s colourful floral displays.

Local environmental group GreenFerry is in dire need of assistance and this year’s displays could be their last unless volunteers come forward to help.

Joyce Faulkner, former chairwoman of GreenFerry said: “We have lost several committee members over the past year for various reasons and we just do not have the numbers to continue with the annual planting projects.

“Finance is not a problem, the community is very good in that regard but this is about more than money. We are losing volunteers fast, our committee is depleted, and we won’t be able to continue with the flowers after this year unless we get some new people willing to organise it.”

As well as the planting up of planters around the town, GreenFerry also organise the hanging baskets for High Street businesses.

Joyce said: “We did not have enough committee members to arrange the hanging basket project but thankfully Queensferry Ambition has stepped in and said they will organise it, which is great.

‘‘In some ways, that’s a good thing for the basket project was originally started by Moira Cunningham, of the Queensferry Business Association, and it is just to return that project back to them.”

Joyce added that volunteers to assist with the planting had fallen in recent years, saying: “There was a time when we had around 30 to 40 people helping and had the job done in no time. Now, it’s mainly a handful of public-spirited volunteers, and the local Sea Cadets.

“Last year, myself and another committee member, June Jansen, had to prepare all the planters by ourselves. We started at 10am and finished at 7pm. Wth more helpers, we could have had the job done in a morning.”

She added: ‘’I don’t think the community would want to see the flowers disappear and I know the High Street businesses see the benefit from the colourful displays.

‘‘It would be good if a new, younger group came forward and could start from scratch, the way we did. They could decide which 
areas of the town they wanted to spruce up, order new planters, choose the flowers etc.”

Diane Brown of Queensferry Ambition said: “We are happy to assist Greenferry in co-ordinating the hanging baskets this year.

‘‘We would appeal for volunteers to join Greenferry so it can continue the fantastic work of making the town look colourful and cared for.

‘‘The aim of Queensferry Ambition is to assist and support our community groups, not replace them. We hope willing volunteers come forward to continue with the great work Greenferry has achieved in the past”.

Joyce can be contacted at or call 0131 331 4153.

This year’s planting day is Sunday, June 2.