Helping to clean up Queensferry

Queensferry Parish Church litter pick
Queensferry Parish Church litter pick

Members of Queensferry Parish Church recently organised a litter pick in the town.

A total of 11 people took part in the clean up and covered areas such as Lovers Lane towards the sports pitches, Echline Community Woodland and the slip roads to and from the Forth Road Bridge.

The group picked up over 12 large sacks of rubbish including a cooker ring hob, a car spring and a hub cap.

Janet Thomas, who helped co-ordinate the event said: ‘‘We could have covered more areas and picked up even more litter with more volunteers. It would be great if more people could join with us at our next Litter pick in April next year. ‘‘Of course, it would be even better if people took their rubbish home!’’