Holocaust hero inspired Amy

Stylist Kirsty Newlands cuts Amy Jamieson's hair.
Stylist Kirsty Newlands cuts Amy Jamieson's hair.

A young woman from Kirkliston attracted a hair-raising £1500 in donations to the Little Princess Trust last week when she had 11 inches of her strawberry blonde locks cut off.

Amy Jamieson (19) had originally set a £350 fundraising target for the deed, which was carried out at Mr Fella and Me Bella in Kirkliston on January 15.

The hair and the cash will be sent to the Little Princess Trust, a charity which makes wigs for children who have lost their hair during cancer treatment.

Amy, who works in retail, was inspired to raise the money after attending a screening of ‘Nicky’s Family’, the biopic of Sir Nicholas Winton who saved 669 Jewish children from Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia.

Amy said: “The film brought me to tears and was such an inspirational story. After watching it I decided that I wanted to do something to help people, and since I obviously can’t do what Nicholas Winton did, I got to thinking what I could do.

“I’m not a very sporty person so I decided I’d cut my hair off. I have a 6-year-old sister whose hair means the world to her and it got me thinking; what if she were to lose her hair to chemotherapy? She’d be devastated.

“I know it’s painful for older people to lose their hair during cancer treatment too but I think when a child is so young and doesn’t fully understand what’s happening to them, the loss can be even harder.”

Having raised enough money for the charity to make at least four wigs, Amy said she was “so chuffed” with the final total. She said: “I hadn’t even expected to meet my original target of £350 so for people to give this much is amazing. I’m so happy.”

She said of her new hairstyle: “I keep on touching it! People keep telling me they like it but it’s so short now that when I go out, I get cold.”