Hopetoun turkeys sing for survival

Hopetoun Farm turkey choir
Hopetoun Farm turkey choir
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A flock of turkeys destined for the dinner table this festive season have become internet sensations after being filmed ‘singing’ along to Christmas tracks.

The video, filmed by staff at Hopetoun Farm, show the turkey choir singing along to The Twelve Days of Christmas.

The farm workers first noticed that the flock seemed very interested in the music on the tractor radio, gobbling and chirping along like only a prospective turkey tenor can.

Mike Eagers, farm and estate manager (pictured right)said: “The turkey pen is situated next to the machinery store and the lads would have the radios blaring away when collecting trailers.

“We soon noticed that the birds would run towards the fence and show an interest. It’s not something I have ever noticed before, and is very unusual.

“The turkeys certainly seem to enjoy the musical interlude offered and their chirping and gobbling gets louder and louder with the higher notes. They seemed particularly fond of Christmas tunes, with Jingle Bells and the Twelve Days of Christmas probably topping their turkey top 10” said Mike.

The turkey flock arrive at the estate in July each year in preparation for the Christmas table.

It’s unlikely that the new choir will topple the chart leaders in the number one Christmas spot, no matter the amount of feather ruffling or foot tapping they do, and are very likely to be a bit of a ‘flash in the 

Unfortunately, the tuneful turkey choir has now been ‘disbanded’ due to other ‘engagements’ on December 25, but can still be viewed online at the video sharing website YouTube - or in the farm shop!