Horse is ready to party!

Horse McDonald and her band
Horse McDonald and her band

Horse McDonald is really hyped up about coming to Linlithgow Palace next month.

But when she spoke to the Journal and Gazette she had just arrived in Spain where she was trying to remind herself she was supposed to be on holiday.

She does not do time off except as part of a tour and was feeling a bit out of place!

Horse and her band take the stage on Sunday, August 10, at Party at the Palace and she is thrilled to have been asked to join the ‘‘line up of a lifetime’’.

The other acts include names from the 80s but the singer is adamant the event is not a retrospective but a selection of the best of today’s Scottish offering.

She said: “I am honoured to be asked. It is a pat on the back for me. This is a group of respected and recognised names and I feel great to belong to that group.”

But she almost sounds in awe of the others rather than knowing that she deserves her place on the bill.

Her recording career spans 25 years and rather than 
being an X Factor style overnight success she has kept doing what she does best, developing her own style of ‘‘timeless’’ music.

Her song ‘‘Careful’’ was covered with a degree of success by Will Young and she commented: “My style of music has not had its day. I would love to hear my songs sung by Leona Lewis or Celine Dion.”

With her ninth album ‘‘Home’’ she feels she has come full circle in musical terms, having first had a good training over the years when she was without a record deal.

This came when she was 29 but was worth waiting for as the ‘‘silly phase’’ had passed.

Before Party at the Palace she will perform at Kelvingrove Bandstand, a place full of happy memories. Her first recording deal was signed 
after a Kelvingrove gig organised by Radio Clyde.

Other acts at the glittering event include Deacon Blue, Simple Minds, Donnie Munro and The Silencers. Party at the Palace starts at 2pm on August 9 and 10 with a finishing time of 10pm. Day tickets £52 each. VIP tickets £99. To get there you are encouraged to use public transport, the park and ride at Oracle or walk. Best to book your car parking at the same time as your tickets. Everyone under 16 has to be accompanied by an adult. No animals to be brought to The Peel. Tickets and information from