Howes jailed by Arizona judge

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A PRISON sentence of five years, 10 months, followed by three years of supervised release was dished out to Brian Howes by a Phoenix court on Tuesday.

Howes, of Bo’ness, was extradited to America last summer to face charges of unlawfully importing chemicals for the production of crystal meth.

Red phosphorous, legal in Britain, is regulated in the USA.

After years of protesting his innocence, claiming it was for a legitimate business, he struck a plea agreement with Arizona prosecutors in February.

He admitted knowing, or having reasonable cause to know, that some American customers buying chemicals from his companies online were misusing them for illegal purposes. He confessed to 10 charges, with 72 others against him dropped.

A United States Department of Justice official confirmed Howes’ sentence on Wednesday.

Details, like where it will be served, were unavailable at this stage.