Hunt on for old witch trial book

COPIES of a limited-edition historic book with tales of witch trials and executions at Corbiehall, Bo’ness, are being hunted by The Friends of Kinneil.

Local solicitor Mr TJ Salmon published “Borrowstounness and District” in 1913. With his legal training he was able to go into old documents of the town’s history and origins of district and street names.

Details are also given of local plants and population. Only 100 copies were privately printed and the book was distributed as prizes to scholars.

Bo’ness Library has a reference copy and one even crossed the Atlantic to the University of California, where it was recently digitised under a Microsoft-financed scheme.

The Friends of Kinneil has heard there are only 33 paper copies left and want to verify this. If you have one, contact Tom Sargent via

Over 1000 copies have been downloaded for free at