In pictures: Success for Seussical the Musical

Seussical the Musical was a success
Seussical the Musical was a success

Fantastically funny and superbly silly – that was Seussical The Musical as performed by the young actors of LAMP.

It all ensured their newest show is yet another success.

The Cat in the Hat (Catherine Bain) was on hand to guide the audience through the frantically fast paced show ensuring everyone knew what was going on.

The youngster was excellent and displayed the mischievousness that comes with being the famous feline. Her role included being a doctor, an auctioneer, a reporter, a conductor and even a piano player with a Louis Armstrong singing voice.

After a very slick rhyming introduction between the Cat in the Hat and Jojo (Abbie Boles), the pint sized actress with a voice loud enough to fill the room, the entire stage burst to life filled with the entire cast in colourful outfits reminding us of all the Thinks You Can Think.

We were then introduced to Horton the Elephant (Alexander Gavin) as he hears a who and discovers the smallest of planets in a dust spec however it is only him who can hear the voices.

Alexander is fantastic at slowing the tempo down to remind us all a person is a person no matter how small as he defends the people he can hear screaming for help on the small dust spec.

Next we zoom into the planet known as Whoville and meet the mayor (Paul MacDonald) and his wife (Daisy Mackie) as they punish their child JoJo for thinking to many thinks. The couple excellently portray parents struggling to understand their child and after some excellent fast paced rhyming between the two of them, they decide it best to send little JoJo to military school.

General Scmitz (Rona Miller) takes to the stage to whisk JoJo away and immediately demands respect through her powerful singing.

Next we meet Gertrude McFuzz (Katie Rough), a bird saddened by only having one feather for a tail but someone who desperately wants the attention of Horton. She pours her heart out on to the stage declaring her love for Horton, which is verging on obsession, and at one point she sings just how far she will go to see him. Being stung by a bee, catching the flu and stubbing her toe do not stop Gertrude in her quest and it was all worth it as the couple end up falling in love.

The wonderfully lazy and fantastically full of feathers Mayzie La Bird (Niamh Devery) commands the stage and struts her stuff as she tells Gertrude how to get more feathers.

The Wickersham Brothers, a bunch of monkeys that look cool enough to be on screen next to John Travolta in Grease, steal Horton’s dust spec after monkeying around, leaving the poor elephant in despair.

Horton eventually ends up on trial for his sanity, accused mainly by the sassy Sour Kangaroo (Rosie Crawford) and Young Kangaroo (Lisa Bain).

The incredibly fast paced show has music from start to finish and barely gives the audience a chance to rest before the next toe-tapping tune begins.

The dialogue in between songs is a tongue twisting rhyme in which all on stage do well do never slip up or pause for thought clearly showing how much hard work and preparation has gone into the show.

Seussical the Musical reminds the audience to be themselves, think outside the box and be creative.

As Dr Seuss said, why fit in when you can stand out, and the cast from the dancers to the singers certainly stood out at Linlithgow Academy.