Inspector’s ‘simple steps’ that will protect your property

Inspector John McEwan
Inspector John McEwan

Sometimes policing is about providing straightforward advice on things that might affect you, not to create alarm, but simply to allow you to protect yourself and your property.

Following a number of thefts in the Linlithgow area, and across West Lothian in recent months I feel it is important to highlight how taking some fairly common sense steps can protect your property.

How often have you forgotten to lock your house door or realised in the morning that your car was unlocked? Simple things that many people do but which provide an easy opportunity for opportunist thieves to take advantage.

Do you hide spare keys outside? Is there a window that may allow a thief to open a door?

If you see property on the back seat of a car or a sat nav cradle on the windscreen, you probably wouldn’t give it a second thought. The opportunist thief may see things very differently to you.

These are all real situations, which have led to thefts. However there are also many occasions where nothing happened and that is an important point.

Crime does happen but we are fortunate to live and work in an area where these incidents are not commonplace.

I am often asked what you should do if you see something suspicious, the answer is simple, if you believe that a crime is in progress, call 999.

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