Inspectors are based in school

Donaldson's School
Donaldson's School

A report issued yesterday (Thursday) by the Scottish Government revealed that a team of inspectors had been based at Donaldson’s School since service of the Section 66C notice.

And three further governors have stepped down from their post, including West Lothian’s Provost Tom Kerr.

The school board has also appointed a new convenor to ensure a more robust management and governance structure.

Newly-appointed convenor John Anderson said: “Donaldson’s School is facing a very challenging time. We now have the Scottish Government’s go ahead to implement our action plan.”

Government ministers confirmed that the school had accepted issues identified by inspectors on a previous visit.

They said they would continue to work with the management team until such time as all areas of concern had been satisfactorily addressed.

Provost Tom Kerr said: “I considered that the amount of time I was having to give to issues such as employment tribunals and disciplinary matters was becoming excessive.

“The Government had identified five members who would make suitable board members; that was an ideal opportunity for me to step down.”

Minister for Learning Alasdair Allan said: “Securing the well-being and safety of the pupils has been our priority.

“I welcome the swift multi-agency response.

“We expect progress to be made quickly and will continue to monitor this closely.”