Investment is massive boost for River Avon environment

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SCOTTISH Water made a splash this week with news of a £10 million investment in the River Avon.

The project includes investment in five waste water treatment works across West Lothian with £2.5 million being pumped into Linlithgow and £2 million siphoned off for Torphichen.

At Linlithgow, new microscreen filters will help to improve the treatment process and there will be refurbishment of the primary and humus tanks along with other maintenance. The work should be finished by next winter. At Torphichen, £2 million will go towards a new waste water treatment works, as part of a year long project underway to improve the Avon’s environment.

Linlithgow councillor Martyn Day said: “I welcome the level of investment - this is real money being spent in hard economic times and it will have a positive environmental benefit.

“Improvements in the river will soon be seen and this ties in with promoting Linlithgow as a good place to come and visit. It will make it more attractive and there are great walks that people can take along the river.”

The project will be delivered by Solutions, a partnership between some of the world’s leading construction, engineering and water companies, and Scottish Water.

Les Page, senior construction manager at Solutions, said: “This is a significant investment by Scottish Water, which will improve the natural environment of the River Avon for many years to come. This will further improve the quality of this important brown trout river which is becoming increasingly more popular for sea trout, salmon and grayling.”

The banks of the Avon were once home to the area’s papermaking and coalmining industries. He added: “This is a further, significant step in the rehabilitation of this waterway from its industrial past to a flourishing, natural watercourse.”

Local anglers are also happy.