Is thief’s heart made of 

Karene Grant of Muirpark Court, Bo’ness, woke on Monday morning to the upsetting discovery that a stone angel memorial had been stolen from her garden.

Mrs Grant (52) and her husband, Robert, had gone to bed as normal on Sunday. The following morning, as he left for work, Robert noticed that their cast-iron chiminea was missing.

The family had recently had painters working on the house and both Karene and Robert assumed that the other had moved some of the stolen items to allow the painters access to the gables of the house.

The stone angel held great sentimental significance as it had been purchased by Karene’s good friend, Joan Deary who was diagnosd with terminal cancer.

Out shopping one day, Karene mentioned that she liked the angel. The next day Joan presented her with it as a reminder of their long friendship.