It’s game over for Bo’ness tennis club

Judy Murray coaching at boness tennis club.
Judy Murray coaching at boness tennis club.

Ambitious plans to rejuvenate Bo’ness Tennis Club have been abandoned after the group failed to attract enough funding for the project.

A group of local parents decided to embark on the project after being disappointed by the lack of a tennis facility in the area.

They have now been left disappointed after three years of hard work.

There were fundraising events to collect cash for making the application for planning permisison including a fun day attended by Judy Murray and the project had gained support from the Lawn Tennis Association.

Once work began on the project, it quickly became apparent that the job was going to be bigger than had been anticipated and, rather than the £50,000 price tag they had anticipated, the cost was nearer £145,000!

Jennifer Leonard, club secretary, said: “A well as the courts needing resurfaced, they also had to be extended to meet current size requirements for hosting tournaments.

“There was also a three metre high stone wall which needed repaired as well as fencing, disabled access and improved floodlights.”

An archaeological survey was also necessary because the site lies on the line of the Antonine Wall.

They made successful applications for funding from Sport Scotland and the LTA but were unable to secure the final £35,000.

Jennifer added: “It’s difficult to raise funds when you don’t have an existing club in place.

“For personal reasons, we are unable to continue working on the project. Since no-one else has come forward to take on the project, we have therefore been forced to close. The final tennis club accounts are available on request at the Bridgeness and Carriden Miners’ Welfare Club.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who supported the project and, if anyone is interested in taking it on, they would be more than welcome and we would happily support them.”