It’s local newspaper week

Local newspaper week
Local newspaper week

The invaluable service provided by local newspapers will be highlighted next week as some famous faces promote the good work they do.

In an ever-changing world where new technology makes global communication commonplace, local newspapers, like the edition of The Linlithgowshire Journal and Gazette you are reading just now, are still a vital tool when it comes to letting people know what is going on in and around their area.

The Journal and Gazette is one of hundreds of titles taking part in Local Newspaper Week which runs until Sunday.

An annual initiative organised by the local newspaper industry and the Newspaper Society, the week will see big names like actress Dame Helen Mirren, television presenter Richard Madeley, gold medal-winning triple jump hero Jonathon Edwards and Governor of the Bank of England Mark Carney giving their views on how important local papers are to communities across Britain.

This year’s event also sees the launch of a new campaign entitled Making a Difference, which focuses on the ability of local media to make a difference to the lives of ordinary individuals in a way that no other media can.

The Journal and Gazette’s editor, Colin Hume, said: “Whether it’s raising funds for a life-saving operation, fighting to keep a vital community resource open, campaigning for justice or cleaning up a local park, local newspapers, in print and nowadays online, on mobile and social media, bring about real positive change in their communities.

“There are many examples of instances when people have come to The Journal and Gazette and we have been able to make a positive difference by highlighting their plight through 
our stories.”

Obviously it is not just the local newspaper that can make a difference to a local area.

Mr Hume said: “Across the Journal and Gazette’s circulation area we are seeing a lot of initiatives and projects, some which are ongoing and some which are completed, that aim to make people’s lives better in various 

“While The Journal and Gazette has not initiated these projects, it has played its part by reporting on them and drawing public attention to them though our newspaper, website and social 
media sites.”