It’s not just the dog owners to blame...


Sir, – I totally agree that dog owners should be responsible for clearing up after their dogs (Talking Point, December 27), but so should horse owners.

From time to time riders take the pathway between Sheriffs Park and Bailielands, which is also used by children going to school. Unfortunately they do not clear up after their horses which means that parents and children and anyone else using this pathway have to concentrate on missing the mess that is left on the walkway.

Why no fines for them? –Yours etc.,


Sir, – Re the recent letter from Colin Ferrington in the Journal and Gazette regarding the proposed development of the former Corus Hotel site under the heading: “Another Salvo in Ferrymuir Saga.”

The heading was misleading as the development is at Ferrymuir Gait and not Ferrymuir. Can the Journal and Gazette please eliminate any local 
confusion! Yours etc.,


Chairman, Queensferry 
Community Council

Sir, – Do you want to get fit, have more energy and feel amazing in the New Year?

Leonard Cheshire Disability has a limited number of places remaining in the iconic London Marathon on April 13, 2014 and we’d love you to join our team.

Disability can happen to 
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accident, stroke or illness.

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It’s really easy to join our London Marathon team. To register go to, email or call 020 3242 0264. The final deadline for entries is January 24. – Yours etc.,


Leonard Cheshire Disability,

London, SW8 1RL