It’s not plain sailing for Blackness rock stars

Members replace sea defences
Members replace sea defences

The sea defences at Blackness are being repaired by members of the local boat club.

Because the area is on private land owned by Blackness Boat Club, it is the club itself which is funding the work and the club members who are carrying it out.

Club commodore Jennifer Craig said: “The sea defences are past their lifespan so we are having to replace them and there is no funding or help available from the council. ‘‘

The replacement process involves digging new foundations and putting in new rock filled wire baskets, called gabions.

Special exemption was sought from Marine Scotland in order to install the baskets.

Jennifer added: “It’s difficult and it’s going to take months to complete. The first stage we could only do when the tide was out, so that made it more difficult. We’ve now had our second working
party weekend.

“There is also an ageing membership and lots of our members aren’t able to help, so we are restricted to a limited few people who are able - and who have got the time to spare. Marine Scotland have been great and dealt with our application very quickly.”

With no outside support, the club is having to use its limited funds to pay for the repairs.

Jennifer believes the work being carried out will not only benefit boat club users but also the local area.

She added: “Before the boat club was here and the land was reclaimed, Blackness would flood during a very very high tide. If we don’t replace these defences then we would be putting the village at risk.”

Local councillor Sandy Turner said: “If the scouring had continued, the club house would have disappeared within a year or so. It’s costing the club a fair bit of money so hopefully it will do the job.”