J and G Third Degree

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In the spotlight this week is Liz McIntosh of Queensferry Churches’ Care in the Community

1 If you had to eat one meal for the rest of your life, what would you choose to eat?

The seafood platter from The Potteries in Jersey evokes great memories.

2 Queen or The Beatles?

Has to be The Beatles although it was difficult to choose.

3 What would be your perfect birthday present?

It would involve my hubby Laurence and son John, chocolate and some nice fizz.

4 Which animal is most in tune with your personality and why?

I would say ring tailed lemurs as they are very sociable, fun loving and family orientated.

5 What is your favourite pizza topping?

Good Italian sausage.

6 If you could live as a celebrity for a day, which celebrity would you choose to live as and why?

Lauren Bacall because she is the epitome of what the old style Hollywood actors/actresses were like, the screen presence, the glamour and an air of mystery that is missing from our current stable of Hollywood actors and she has had such a fascinating life . . . and of course that voice!

7 What will you be looking forward to doing most when you retire?

Volunteering for a worthwhile community organisation like QCCC of course!!

8 Which film would you take with you to a desert island?

The Princess Bride, it’s got it all - comedy, romance and adventure.

9 What is currently top of your ‘bucket list?’

Learning another language before I am too old to use it!

10 The most interesting thing that happened today was . . .

Being asked to do this for the Journal and Gazette!