J and G Third Degree

260312  Alan steele asset management win award.
260312 Alan steele asset management win award.

In the spotlight this week is award-winning financial guru Alan Steel.

1 How do you like to start your day?

At my age I like to wake up!

2 It’s not widely known, but I...

was the Linlithgow Academy sports champion.

3 Where has been your best-ever holiday and why?

Probably last year’s trip to Oz and NZ. We flew first class, spent 10 days with my old Lithca pal Alex Blackwood, in Adelaide, and drank fab red wines in the Barossa Valley.

4 If you weren’t in your current profession, what would be your alternative career?

As an Ibiza freak since 1977, ideal job would be a deck chair attendant on Las Salinas, a nudie beach with chill music bars.

5 What was the soundtrack to your teens?

Otis Redding’s ‘My Girl’ - reminds me of my first girlfriend (from Bridgend would you believe).

6 Which moment of sporting history would you have loved to have witnessed?

Man United’s injury time victory in the ’99 European Cup final.

7 Describe one of your most embarrassing moments.

Chatting up a beautiful Swedish girl in Spain in 1966. She wore a white dress and I spilled a drink all over it. Never saw her again.

8 Who, or what, is guaranteed to have you reaching for the TV remote to switch channels?

Easy one. Robert Peston, followed closely by that idiot in ‘Go Compare’.

9 Name three things you feel are crucial to a happy life:

Be positive, have fun, and avoid pessimists at all costs.

10 Your proudest achievement?

Hard to choose - bringing up two wonderful children, helping so many people achieve great retirement income, and being the only person in the world to deliver the key speech at the Marches AND the Bo’ness Fair in the same year!