J and G Third Degree

Phil McCann
Phil McCann

In the spotlight this week is Bo’ness-born cornet virtuoso Phil McCann

1 What has been your most memorable concert and why?

Probably playing the Sydney Opera House on a Black Dyke tour. Having spent most of the flight in the toilet practising, the results at the concert seemed to justify all the preparation!

2 Describe your perfect day back in Bo’ness:

Playing with Kinneil Band at the wonderful Bo’ness Fair Day with the weather behaving itself.

3 Where has been the most unusual venue/location you have performed in?

Again with Black Dyke, recording music in the open air at Top Withens, the area in the West Riding of Yorkshire adjacent to Wuthering Heights in the Bronte novels.

4 Which three words sum up your playing style?

Lyrical, expressive, emotional.

5 Who has had the greatest influence on your musical career?

Harry Mortimer, the legendary cornet soloist and conductor.

6 What’s been one of the best decisions you’ve ever made?

To start playing cornet with the Kinneil Band.

7 Apart from the Kinneil Band concert, what’s your next most anticipated engagement?

The European Brass Band Championships in Rotterdam.

8 What was the soundtrack to your youth?

Listening to the top brass bands and soloists of the day.

9 How do you like to relax after a concert?

What does relax mean?

10 Who or what could you not live without?

My cornet.