J and G Third Degree

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submitted pic

In the spotlight this week is Debbie Urquhart of Tom Thumb Nursery in South Queensferry

1 Which TV/radio show do you never miss, and why is it a favourite?

The Apprentice - because I really want to go on the show and tell Alan Sugar that he’s fired!

2 I shouldn’t really admit this, but I...

Still suck my thumb!!

3 What signifies for you the true start of summer?

Flip flops - can’t beat getting your feet out!

4 What’s your favourite scent and why?

Steaks cooking on the barbecue - emmhhh.

5 Who or what inspires you?

Both of my children are an inspiration to me ... I admire what they have done and seen! (Actually a bit jealous).

6 Three items you’ll always find in my fridge:

Cheese, half of WeightWatchers foods and Magners.

7 In whose shoes would you love to live for a week, and why?

Victoria Beckham - then I could sleep beside David Beckham every night!

8 One of my earliest memories is...

Got thrown out of ballet class at five because I was chewing gum!

9 Where is your all time favourite holiday destination and why?

I have been lucky enough to go to lots of nice places but my favourite are the ones with blue sea and very white sand!

10 Name one of the best presents you have ever been given:

My first DVD player that my kids saved up together for!