J and G Third Degree

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submitted pic

In the spotlight this week is PE specialist Lesley Malone

1 What was the first single/album you bought?

The first one I’ll admit to remembering is Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells.

2 Where’s your favourite holiday destination and why?

Just now probably Manly, near Sydney, Australia as my middle child now lives there. It has loads of very active, energetic people, young and old, taking part in a multitude of sports.

3 If you could visit one period in history, what would it be?

A period in time without any major conflicts would suit me just fine.

4 Which six people would you invite to a dinner party?

Impossible to only pick six - don’t have to be famous, rich or good looking but do have to be funny!!

5 What was the last film you saw and would you recommend it?

Australia with Nicole Kidman and that lovely bloke on a horse whose name I can’t remember!

6 What’s your favourite scent?

Chanel Chance, at the moment.

7 Describe your perfect weekend?

Hill walking with family and my cocker spaniel on a calm day with a clear blue sky.

8 I have a weakness for...

Cheese puffs and Maltesers!

9 Which Olympic sports are you most excited about watching?

Love the equestrian sports, cycling, athletics, hockey, diving, swimming, gymnastics and of course tennis, with hopefully our very own Colin Fleming!

10 I shouldn’t really admit this, but ...

I’m exhausted and I can’t wait until the summer holidays start!